Currently available technical bulletins by ITW Philadelphia Resins include:

  Technical Bulletins MSDS

400 Series

471 Super Alloy Ceramic Repair Liquid

472 Super Alloy Ceramic Repair Putty
473 Super Alloy Titanium Repair Compound
474 Wearex Abrasion Resistant Compound
470 Phillybond #6 - Epoxy Repair and Patching Compound

500 Series

  500 Chockfast Red and Vibratherm Brochure  
  501 Vibratherm Chocks, Steel Chocks, Steel Soleplates - Installation Procedures  
  502 Vibratherm Chocks, Steel Chocks, Steel Soleplates - Fabrication Specifications  
  559 Physical Properties, Deep Pour Chockfast Red vs Concrete  

600 Series

601 D Pourable Chocking Compounds for the Marine Industry - Chockfast Orange and Gray  
  605 C CHOCKFAST Epoxy Grout Foundation Systems  
610 J Comparison of Physical Characteristics of Chocking / Grouting Compounds  
615 B Grouting Large Anchor Bolts  
616 H CHOCKFAST BLUE Machinery Chocking Compound  
617 N CHOCKFAST RED High Strength Epoxy Grout and Foundation Reconstruction Material
618 E Chockfast Red-SG
619 E CHOCKFAST RED SG Thin Pour - Rapid Cure High Strength Epoxy Grout
625 D CHOCK-CRETE High Performance Non Shrink Cement Grout  
632 C Chockfast Bearing Assemblies - Sterntube Assemblies and Individual Bearings  
638 A CHOCKFAST RED Compatibility with Concrete and Steel  
639 A Maintenance of Alignment From CHOCKFAST Resin Chocks  
640 E CHOCKFAST Grouting Systems for Machinery Installation and Foundation Repair  
642 E CHOCKFAST Installation Procedure Industrial Applications  
645 F PHILLYBOND 7C, Flexible Foundation Seam Sealant  
646D PHILLYBOND ORANGE, Flexible Stern Tube Sealant  
659 B CHOCKFAST ORANGE Machinery Chocking Compound
666 D CHOCKFAST BLACK Machinery Chocking Compound
692 A General Guidelines for Marine Designers  
693 A CHOCKFAST Orange Hardener Ratio Guide (I.V. Version)  

700 Series

  702 D Phillybond and Phillyclad Adhesives and Repair Compounds  
  705 Philadelphia Resins Acrylic Adhesive Technical Bulletin  
  716 Chockfast Marine Tools Installation Technical Bulletin  
  717 Chockfast Stamping Press Installations Technical Bulletin  
  762A High Technology Products for LNG/LPG Tank and Containment Systems  

800 Series

  814 ITW Release Agent  
  819 E Super Ceramic Repair Liquid  
  820 J Super Alloy Titanium Repair Compound  
  821 F Super Ceramic Putty  
  822 A Comparison Chart for Super Alloy Physical Properties  
837 B Super Alloy Cross Reference Guide  
838 B Super Alloy Polymer Concrete - Small Batch Mixing  
839 C Super Alloy Black 2500  
840 B Chocking Compounds - Comparison of Physical Properties  
859 A Impax IXT-59 Solvent  
900 Series  
911 C Wearex Adhesive
925 A Vibration Damping Sheets  
935 B PHILLYCLAD 1014 Rust Inhibitive Epoxy Primer  
941 A Phyllyclad 1776/728 Laminating Resin
942 Phillyclad Phillymastic 1762/620TS
946 A Phillyclad 5066 Protective Coating and Sealant for Insulation or Lagging  
947 Phillyclad 1775/251 Physical Properties  
949 Phillyclad 1776/728 Epoxy Laminating Resin  
  951 A PHILLYBOND BLUE 6A, Filling, Smoothing and Fairing Compound  
961 A Phillyseal R  
963 H Phillyclad 6470 High Build Heavy Duty Coating  
965 D Phillybond 6
966 C Phillyclad #8  
968 G Impax 300 Heavy Duty Non Skid Coating
969 H Impax 200 Heavy Duty Non Skid Coating
975 G Phillyclad 1000 Series Marine and Industrial Coating  
  995 D Phillybond TA-30 General Purpose  
1000 Series  
1006 Duraseal 6700 - 80% Solids High Build, Acid Resistant, Novolac Coating  
1009 Phillyclad 650RC/SL Self Leveling Epoxy Coating  
1011 Duraseal Concrete Block Filler  
1015 A Repair Compound  
1018 B Expansion Joint Compound  
1019 A Trowelable Floor Resurfacer  
1019 B Impax 5020  
1020 Acid Resistant Trowelable Floor Resurfacer  
1020 A Impax 5020AR  
1021 D Rust Inhibitive Primer  
1022 D Impax 2001 C.R.E. Novolac Epoxy Marine & Industrial Coating  
1024 B Chockfast Red SG Guidelines for Storing, Mixing and Pouring  
1105 CWC 604 Machine Bond Epoxy Resin Grout Specifications for Installation  


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  Chockfast Red preparation and pouring


  Chockfast Blue preparation and pouring


  Chockfast Black preparation and pouring




  Articles, Catalogs and Manuals
Pipeline & Gas Journal Reprint: Maintaining Permanent Alignment of Compressors and Prime Movers
American Oil & Gas Reporter, Special Report: Gas Compression, Epoxy Damps Vibrations, Cuts Costs, by David Shiner and Bruce Shipley
CHOCKFAST Industrial Products Catalog (4.1MB in .pdf) (Includes most of the above listed items)
CHOCKFAST Specification Manual: (1.9MB in .pdf) Generic Specifications for Machinery Grouting and twenty years of experience in one three ring notebook.
CHOCKFAST Foundation Systems (2.4MB in .pdf) An electronic machinery grouting manual


Chockfast Industrial Products Catalog
4.1 MB

Chockfast Foundation Systems

All MSDS and many Technical Bulletins are available in Acrobat Reader .pdf format.

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