Thin Pour - Rapid Cure
High Strength Expoxy Grout

NO. 618E

CHOCKFAST RED SG is a three component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound which is used to grout large machinery and to support soleplates in all types of foundation designs with clearances as little as 25mm (1"). CHOCRFAST RED SG has extremely high physical properties and negligible shrinkage, making it ideal for final positioning of critically aligned equipment within close tolerances. Skid mounted compressors, extruders, turbines, pumps, motors and crane rails are just a few types of equipment supported on CHOCKFAST RED SG. when using CHOCRFAST RED SG for crane rail applications expansion joints may be placed every 3m (10').

CHOCKFAST RED SG has the following advantages when compared to conventional cementitious grouts:

CHOCKFAST RED SG contains no non-reactive diluents which could interfere with the curing mechanism or which could cause material loss during or after cure. Machinery may be positioned at its final elevation before pouring because the shrinkage is negligible. Critical alignments are maintained during machinery operation due to CHOCRFAST RED SG's high dimensional stability and resistance to creep and vibration.

CHOCRFAST RED SG may be mixed with a contractor's hoe and wheelbarrow or in a portable mortar mixer. Thoroughly mix hardener with resin first before mixing in aggregate. Where a very flowable mix is required, the aggregate content may be reduced accordingly. Contact the CHOCKFAST Representative or ITW Philadelphia Resins when reducing aggregate. (Please see below for cold temperature applications).

CHOCRFAST RED SG is quick curing relative to cement grouts, but the cure is thermally gentle. This allows thick pours to be made without causing the stress cracks often associated with a hot curing epoxy grout. CHOCRFAST RED SG may be used in any thickness greater than 25mm (1"); however, individual pours should generally not exceed 100mm (4") in thickness and 1.5m (5') in length.

For design considerations and application details, please request Bulletin No. 643 or contact ITW Philadelphia Resins' Engineering Services Department.

NOTE: Standard CHOCRFAST RED is available and allows deep single pours to 450mm (18") for concrete reconstruction. Please see Bulletins No. 642 and 617.


A cold temperature accelerator is available for use with CHOCKFAST RED SG at ambient concrete foundation and CHOCRFAST RED SG material temueratures between 0C (32F) and 15C (60F). The accelerator is provided in a 0.9L (1 quart) plastic bottle which has a single reduction line on it and is inverted for ease of use. The accelerator is added to each unit of CHOCKFAST RED SG immediately AFTER the aggregate has been blended into the pre-mixed liquid components in the mortar mixer. For ambient temperatures between 0C and 10C (32F and 50F) use the entire bottle which is equivalent to 7.3% of the net weight of resin and hardener.

For ambient temperatures between 10C and 15C (50F and 60F) empty the bottle until the liquid level is even with the reduction line when the bottle is held upside down in the pouring position. This amount of accelerator is equivalent to 5% of the net weight of resin and hardener. Cure times are as follows:

0C (32F) 90 Hours*
5C (40F) 48 Hours*
10C (50F) 24 Hours*

* These cure times represent the amount of time required to produce compressive strength in excess of 700 kg/cm2 (10,000 psi) at the temperatures indicated. Machinery may be set and anchor bolts torqued when casting sections 30 mm to 50 mm (1.25 inches to 2 inches) thick at the above temperatures. Additional curing and higher compreseive strength will be achieved over time, with final physical propertiea equivalent to those for standard applications of CHOCRFAST RED SG cured at 22C (75F) without addition of accelerator.

NOTE: CHOCRFAST RED SG cure rates and flowability will be enhanced somewhat if material temperatures are warmer than the existing ambient conditions listed above, although, CHOCKFAST RED SG material temperatures should never be higher than 21 C (70 F) when utilizing cold temperature additive. It is always a good idea to keep CHOCRFAST RED SG materials in a well protected area until the job site is fully prepared for mixing and placement.


BOND TO CONCRETE: Greater than concrete  
(1,970,000 psi)

ASTM C-109

(17,500 psi)

ASTM C-109

COVERAGE: 442 cc/kg
(13 in3/1b)
CURE TIME (approximate): 24 to 48 hours @ 21C (70F)
FIRE RESISTANCE: Self-extinguishing

ASTM D-635


ASTM D-2566

PACKAGING FOR ONE UNIT: Resin: 9.05 liters (3 gal.can)
Hardener: 1.63 liters (1 gal.can)
Aggregate: 4 - 21kg (46 lb. bags)
Additive (if needed): .9 liter (1 qt. bottle)
POT LIFE: 1 hour @ 21C (70F)
SHELF LIFE: Excess of 1 year in dry storage
TENSILE STRENGTH: 211.3 kg/cm2
(3,000 psi)

ASTM D-638

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